1. Dendea Tanzania Experience shall arrange the travel adventure described on itinerary. Upon execution of this Travel Contract by Traveler and acceptance by Dendea Tanzania Experience, Traveler shall be bound by the conditions of this Travel Contract.
  2. Traveler shall submit payment to Dendea Tanzania Experience in accordance with the schedule shown on itinerary.
  3. Traveler may change travel arrangements only as allowed and subject to the conditions set forth in itinerary.
  4. Dendea Tanzania Experience shall be responsible for providing only that travel set forth on itinerary. Traveler shall be responsible for all travel items not set forth on itinerary.
  5. Dendea Tanzania Experience shall not be responsible for providing any services not set forth in itinerary.
  6. If it happens unfettered discretion, Dendea Tanzania Experience may refund to Traveler all moneys paid by Traveler in connection with the travel adventure.

Upon such refund, Dendea Tanzania Experience shall be excused from any and all liability under thisTravel Contract.

  1. Dendea Tanzania Experience shall have no liability for any events beyond its control, such as, but not limited to missed travel connections, unavailability of lodging or entertainment, theft at the camp/lodges, acts of God, transportation cancellations, weather, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, and the like.
  2. Each Traveler specifically authorizes Dendea Tanzania Experience to use Traveler’s voice, picture, and likeness in promotional materials and otherwise without compensation to Traveler. Any such use shall be the exclusive property of the Dendea Tanzania Experience. Traveler releases
  3. Dendea Tanzania Experience, its officers, agents, employees and representatives from all liability arising from the distribution, broadcast, sale, and use of Traveler’s voice, picture, and likeness.
  4. Traveler agrees to obey all laws of any applicable jurisdiction during the travel adventure. If, in Dendea Tanzania Experience’s unfettered discretion, and without liability of any sort, Dendea Tanzania Experience determines that Traveler is, or may be in violation of any law, statute, or ordinance of any applicable jurisdiction, Dendea Tanzania Experience may terminate Traveler’s association with the travel adventure and Dendea Tanzania Experience shall have no liability for assisting Traveler from that time forward.
  5. Team of Mt Guides, Safari Guides, Porters, Cook Gratitude which is 20% of the total price charge for the climb and $70 per car per day for Safari.